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CD-Teca - 03/05/02

In our 3rd column, we will take a look in some cool albums released recently here in Brazil to show that you don't need import albums to be linked with what is happening in the rock world

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Legendas: N - Nacional I - Importado

Nebula - Charged (Trama) N

Originally launched by american indie label Sub Pop, this is the first album of the agreement signed between them and Trama, but this is other subject. Nebula came to Brazil for some shows last year. This is their 3rd album of a pure Stoner Rock. Rough, power and distortion fullfill this album. Do It Now and Ignition are good calling card.

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Iggy Pop - Beat 'Em Up
 (Virgin) N

The master is back with his best solo album. After one almost unplugged album, he decided to show us what is Rock. Mixing metal, punk and in some parts, new metal. In this album all songs are good but Drink New Blood, L.O.S.T and ... are classics.



The Strokes - Is This It (BMG) N

Forget everything that you had read or listened talk about this band. They are highly influenced by 60's and 80's and make a simple rock and roll, full of pop melodies, sticky chorus and the final result is good. This album is the same as european version, with New York City Cops that aren't in american version because september 11th. They aren't brilliant, and the salvation of rock too. As always, it's better for you to listen to and take your own decision. Start by Barely Legal and New York City Cops.

White Stripes - White Blood Cells (SUM) N

Some people compare White Stripes with Strokes. Forget it. White Stripes come from Detroit blues garage rock school, mixing blues, garage rock, distortion, with simplycity, sometimes using a piano. Somebody sad Led Zeppelin ? Yes, they really listened Led Zeppelin, but it isn't a copy, "just" influence. As Strokes they aren't the salvation of Rock, but who cares? Cool band, cool disc. Rock doesn't need to be saved. Eminece for the tracks Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground, Fell In Love With a Girl and I Can't Wait

Speedealer - Here Comes Death (Trama) N

Furious rock and roll played faster with a high volume highly influenced by Motorhead, AC/DC and Ramones. These guys really know how to choose their producers. In this disc they choose Daniel Rey that produced many Ramones classics. Now a days they are working in a new album, beign produced by Jason Newsted. The tracks Cream/#1 and Drink Me Dead will make you so happy.

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Live At Max's Kansas City '79 (Trama) N

After left New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders formed your band and joined at historical Anarchy Tour in UK with Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Damned. This album were recorded in 79 after they come back and capture all energy of their shows, because the studio albums aren't so powerfull. These album is a important chapter of the rock history. No eminence, because this is a historical classic rock album.

Guitar Wolf - Jet Generation (Trama) N

Garage rock japanese masters. If you like Dream Theater, Angra probaly you won't like Guitar Wolf. The sound is dirty, strong, recorded live at studio, and in some parts, remember Ramones. Eminence for the tracks Jet Generation and for the cover of Summertime Blues.

Nashville Pussy - High as Hell (Roadrunner) N

If you don't care with lyrics full of sex and drugs citations, just care with the sound, buy this album that were launched here in Brazil with the "big tits cover". The sounds are highly influenced by AC/DC, Kiss and punk rock. The japanese version has an AC/DC cover. All songs are good, in the same style.

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CD-Collection 02/24/02

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