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The Coda On Line show was inaugurated on August 08, 1998, saturday, at 4 PM o'clock, on the Vale Verde FM Station from Mogí Guaçu – 95,3 Mhz.

Initially the show the show had 1 hour of duration...

Born as project whose maturation was being elaborated before months, the show was conceived to have a diferencial through the others on the region, what would justify your permanence in the air, for a lot of years.

Like this, the show reaches to a great portion of our population, that nowadays is exposed to an pasteurized " programming ", that is totally dependent of the Majors commercial interests, and out of the other mídias, that only exposes products with immediate and neo-populist appeals without any quality.

That diferencial would be that Coda On Line would rescue the " old and good " Rock And Roll, bringing for the listener that rhythm and all your variations, of all the times, since the fifties to the 21th Century, playing mainly the music that today, in our area, no radio station plays or never played...
The idea was fructified, and today, almost four years later, the program continues in the air with a growing audience, that is formed by a 12 year-old adolescent to the 60 year-old grandpa...
Today, the show has 3 hours of duration and it counts with a marketing outline that includes promotions with exclusive kits of the show, containing shirt, bonnet and personalized sticker, distribution of pamphlets and posters, your sponsors' gifts and last CD releases prizes, shirts and shows tickets.
Besides, the program maintained your sponsors and until it enlarged, that includes a larger reputation and qualities companies on  the area.

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