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The Team

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The Team

-Without any previous experience in radio, Eduardo Domingos Maia, public employee, natural from São Caetano do Sul - SP, Bachelor in Economy, with specialization in Administration of Companies and Full Degree in Economy, and, Octávio Pessine Júnior, merchant, formed in Administration of Companies, they joined to place in practice an old dream that was it of sharing your preferences and your musical knowledge with a larger public than the friends that usually sought them to hear some of your collected musical rarities and kept with love along the years.
- To give a tempered air to the show,  they called Williams Rogério, commercial employee, Technician in Chemistry. Initially, in your presentations he made a several imitations and presented news relative to radical sports. 
- The program still counts with the participation of a Technician of Sound, Leonardo Brito, The Leo, Announcer of The Vale Verde FM Station, that " adopted " the program and it participates in all, rendering your priceless help, as well as 2 or 3 girls, that are not fixed, but every Saturday is alternated to assist the great number of telephone calls. 
- After the initial phase of the program, our friend Águeda Ferreira consolidated and, she worked, for a long time, answering the telephone calls.
- In the year 2000, Águeda Ferreira left  the show, and in 2000 - April, it was Williams Rogério's time, both for to dedicate to your private problems. In spite of until today they maintain with us, the ties of friendship that the permanence in the show propitiated.
- Also in 2001-April,  a new loss of our show: for family problems of disease, Júnior Pessine left it, staying out of the show until this date..
- But the year of 2001 was not only marked by the losses. Already in April, André Luiz was integrated to our team. He makes a brazilian block calleed " Maldito Rock Nacional" (Cursed National Rock), where he rolls national music bands that don't roll in any other show.
- And, to mark 2001 in great style, we inaugurated in COL, a new block with Adilson and Beto Bian, known by us like " The Bian Brothers ", that did make a heavy show called 89 Degrees, canceled in 2001, in the FM Station from the city where they lives, Amparo-SP, the 89 FM

The "Bian Brothers " makes a totally diversified block, playing all the tendencies of the modern rock, stuffed of comments and clues, called 95 degrees " (in allusion to our dial - 95,3 Mhz).

- Other COL weight premiere in 2001 was Alexandre (the encyclopedia boy) that does a thematic block , called " Enciclopédia do Rock " (Rock Encyclopedia) where, starting from a specific subject, he discourses and also rolls music related with the theme in subject..

Alexandre now is announcer of Mogí Guaçu's New Onda FM. He also commanded a program of varied rock in the referred radio, which unhappily, was also canceled in 2001.

As could not leave of being, and authenticating the preference of the production of Coda On Line for the renewal and innovation, the year of 2002 mark the premiere of one more monthly block in the show: "Barulho" with our friend and collaborator Délcio Padovani Jr., that was officially to the air in 06/22/02. Délcio lives in Itatiba, and elaborates the Coda Site's biweekly column CD-Collection (CD-Teca), and previously had already participated of some of our shows.
- Well, It's all folks. This is the history of the team that made our show. 

Eduardo Maia





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