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Faces Of Exploration - Collapse NR

Release date: 2003/august

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Vide Name Album Record Year
Sold Faces Of Exploration 2003
Album Record Year Genre The Band
Faces Of Exploration 2003 Metal Donega - Vocals

Djamy - Guitar/Vocals

Marcelinho - Bass

Tomaz - Drums

CD Cover:

Front: Back:


01 - I See The Truth - Download

02 - Face To Face - Download

03 - Crust

04 - How Could I Know

05 - P. M. 

06 - Dont Live Like A Stupid Person(nz)

07 - Exploration Of The Children

08 - Sold - Vídeo (DivX Codec)

09 - Scorn

10 - Extreme Ignorance

11 - Dirty Corruption Dirties

12 - Lifeless

13 - Caos Humano

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